About the program

The IoT Innovation Accelerator is launched with an objective of unlocking the potential of connectivity technology as avant-garde in solving India's seemingly intractable challenges in agri-tech, clean-tech, civic-tech, and health-tech.

To achieve this, the accelerator program is meticulously designed to accelerate the journey of 10 selected start-ups towards growth, scalability, and commercialization.

We are looking for start-ups working in:

  • Innovation can target potential markets such as Industrial IoT, Smart City/ Government, Smart Home/ Building, Digital Health/ Personal Wellness, Precision Agriculture, and Automotive/ Mobility
  • Enabling technologies like Sensors, Networking & Security, Cloud Infrastructure/ Platforms/ Development Tools, Image Processing/ Sensors Fusion, Big Data Analytics/ Machine Learning/ Deep Learning shall be considered as well.

Program Benefits

There are several benefits that you can derive from this program. Some of these would be catalytic capital support, access to CIIE's exclusive network, customized problem-solving and strategic advisory, access to technical expertise of CISCO mentors, service partners for cloud, marketing and other support, extensive visibility through our platforms and networks, portfolio support up to a year providing marketing, channel, and investor connects.

The program shall offer mentoring support to all the selected start-ups. The mentoring support will be customized to each start-up and may range from expert mentors who will help you with technology to potential customers who can provide feedback on the product and validate assumptions.

Clinics are one of the key supports that a selected start-up will receive in this accelerator. These are 6 - 8 hour long intensive one-on-one consulting focused on a pre-identified key problem area of the start-up. The Clinic enables the start-up to identify the best approach to mitigate their immediate risks and solve the problems, along with drawing up plans to transpire the approach into an actionable item.

Allotment of catalytic capital is at the discretion of the jury. The 10 finalized start-ups will be receiving a catalytic capital of 17.5 Lakhs each. The startup will be required to share 2% program equity against the catalytic capital and incubation support.

Terms and conditions of the investment would be discussed between the investor and the applicant. The applicant would have the freedom to negotiate the terms and conditions and to even decline the investment offer.

The start-ups accepting the catalytic capital of 17.5 Lacs each will be offered incubation support by CIIE. Hence, incubation support is tied to catalytic capital.

About the Application

The application should be filled-in by the founder or the CEO. In case you are not any one of these, please ensure that you have got the approvals from you leader(s) for participation in the program. Such approvals would be verified in subsequent stages of the program and entries without proper approval of the team leader or the Intellectual Property owner shall be disqualified.

If a sector / industry is not included, choose the sector which is closest to the one which you believe your application should fall under. If you firmly believe that none of the sectors are applicable to your application, please choose "others" and mention the sector that you believe is related to your innovation.

Please apply if you are a start-up working on solutions that can solve the challenges through connectivity for agri-tech, clean-tech, civic-tech, and health-tech and you have the following focus/ capabilities:

  • A solution addressing one of the serious gaps in the sector.
  • A strong team that can execute the solution.
  • A desire to run a sustainable for-profit enterprise with high impact.

Please check the spam folder in your mailbox and save the email ID in order to ensure that future communication reaches your inbox. If you are unable to see the mail in your inbox as well as spam folder, please contact us at

The applicant information and contact details can be provided in the 'My Profile' section of the portal. This information shall be kept confidential.

Your academic and professional background provides a greater understanding to the evaluation panel in knowing you better. These details can be provided in the Background and Education tab in the 'My Profile' section.

A new application can be created from the 'My Applications' section. This section would also list all the submitted and in process applications from the applicant.

Word limits have been applied as may be needed. We appreciate entrepreneurs who are crisp and clear in their communication.

The application need not be completed in one session. The portal is designed to let you complete your application over multiple sessions. The SAVE button given below each page would help you to save your data. It is advisable to keep saving your work frequently.

We encourage you to think through and submit only one application with a very strong solution in place and well-articulated to capture your thoughts.

Each application would be treated independently and, in all likelihood, would be evaluated by different sets of evaluators. Hence the evaluation of one application is not expected to affect the evaluation of other. Before assignment to the evaluators the applications would be filtered to identify duplicates, and in case of duplicate applications, the evaluators would have the right to keep any one of the duplicate applications, and remove the remaining from the process. The decision of the evaluators would be considered final.

Please apply if your start-up is registered in India and if you have one of the co-founders based in India. We will not be able to support start-ups based outside India through this program.

Yes, even if you are a funded start-up, you can apply to this program. We might be able to help you accelerate faster through an intensive support. If you have received grants or awards or are funded, it only validates the potential of your solution. We will be happy to look at your application.

The current invitation for application will be open till 21st April, 2019 11:59PM. Please apply at the earliest.

We may not be able to extend the last date of applications and hence, request you to submit your application way ahead of the last date.

No, you are not allowed to provide any links in the answers (unless asked for).

A partial / completed application can be reviewed by clicking on the Edit icon on the application's action bar in 'My Applications' section. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited.

If a mandatory question is left blank, the same will be highlighted in red in the Checklist on the right. All answered fields will be highlighted in green.

Once the details in "My Profile" have been submitted, they cannot be edited.

Applications shortlisted for the subsequent rounds would receive confirmation through emails.

The applications would be evaluated on the parameters of scalability, innovation, marketability, and the team's capabilities of executing the solution successfully.

Others/General Queries

The information contained in business summary would remain the property of the applicant. The application provides the evaluator panel with clarity on the value proposition, the customer segment and the marketing plan for the business idea along with the preparedness of the team to execute the business idea. The application should not contain technical details or product specifications to a level that might affect the applicant's ability to protect and prevent exploitation of the intellectual property through registered rights. The confidentiality agreement is not valid for information which resides in public domain or which can be obtained easily without similar agreements from alternative channels.

For all your queries, whether general or technical, please write to us at